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[시험 방송]

Hello, Korea! Do you wanna play a game?
This game will take not much more than the time you spend spacing out every day.
Despite all of the advantages and opportunities that you were given in school learning English, you may have forgotten all your lessons again and again.
From today, we will see how much you are willing to break this habit of yours once and for all.
To be fluent or forgetful, make your choice.



[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

not (much) more than 정확히, 딱 그 정도, ~이상이 아닌

- No more than (at most) 와 같은 의미

We are not much more than friends.

- You are a kid really, not more than eighteen.


space out 멍때리다

space out competition 멍때리기 대회

- I spaced out during the meeting so I missed what the director said.

- I was so tired that I began to space out.


despite all of 모든 ~에도 불구하고,

- Despite all of her effort, she couldn't pass the exam.

- Despite all of the fact, they don't stop lying to people.


be willing to 기꺼이 ~하다

- I'm willing to work in a diffrent country, If I have a chance.

- I'm willing to give you a chanve, If you can show me your talent. 


once and for all (=finally and completely) 마지막으로 한번 더

- I have to decide once and for all whether I want to stay in this neighborhood.

- You have to review the report once and for all before sending an email to customers.


forgetful 잘 잊어버리는, 건망증이 있는

- Whoa, I am so forgetful thesedays. Am I aging? 

- She has become very forgetful in recent years.





포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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