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 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]

한국 화장실에는 재미난 문구가 많은데, 영어식 표현은 무엇이 있을까요?


일반적인 문구

- Keep it clean.

- If you drop it pick it up.

- You are not the only one using the toilet.


재미난 문구

- Boys, stand closer it might be shorter than you think.

- Ladies, please remain seated for the entire performance.

- If it runs out, just accept your fate and weep silently.


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]

A: Hey, have you ever watched Trump vs. O'Donnell on Youtube before?

B: Oh yes, the trash talk between them.

A: Rosie O'Donnell is known for her bad mouth.

B: Yes! But that's part of her job. However, can you believe Donald Trump?

A: Now, the whole country knows his limited words.

B: Trump even said, Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting, both inside and out. You take a look at her, she's a slob, she talks like a truck driver.

A: Well, Roosie O'Donnell didn't talk like a girl scout herself. Nevertheless, someone who is running for the next president of the United States mustn't talk like that.

B: He even mentioned that the USA should get rid of all immigrants.

A: That doesn't make any sense sinse the USA is built by them.

B: If he becomes a new president, I think the whole country will be on red alert.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

have you ever (p.p) ~ 한 적 있어?

- Have you ever listened to Psy's new song?

- Have you ever been to Japan?


trash talk 욕설

- All I heard was trash talk.

- That sounds like trash talk to me.


be known for ~로 잘 알려져있다, ~로 유명하다

- XSFM studio is known for its fantastic river view.

- Jangchung-dong is known for the pork foot.


limited words 부족한 어휘력

- limited edition 한정판

- This album is a historic limited edition.


disgusting 역겨운

- What a disgusting smell!

- The kitchen was in a disgusting state when she left.


slob 게으름뱅이

- Get out of bed, you fat slob!

- That man was a perfect slob.


girl scout (행실이 착한) 모범생 / nerd (공부만 하는) 따분한 사람, 얼간이

- Girl scout members serve the community every year.

- Studying on a Friday night. I'm such a nerd.


run for ~에 도전하다, ~에 출마하다

- run ~를 진행하다, ~를 운영하다

- People don't like the fact that he is running for the president.

- Captain K and Ludia are running the show.


immigrant 이민자

- immigration 출입국 관리소

- Every American is essentially an immigrant.


ged rid of (=clear out) ~을 추방시키다, ~을 제거하다

- This medicine will get rid of your headache.

- We have to get rid of the cultural stereotype.


make sense 말이되다, 논리가 되다

- It doesn't make any sense that you forgot your mom's birthday.

- It doesn't make any sense that the president disappear for seven hours.


on red alert 긴급사태, 비상사태

- Many foreign articles state that Koear is on red alert now.

- After his girl friend's phone call, he is on red alert.






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