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계속 듣다보면 언젠가 자연스럽게 들리는 날이 오겠죠?!!


 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]

아이팟의 음성명령 Siri를 쓸 수 있는 영어표현을 알려주세요.


- Set an alarm for 1P.M.

- Set the timer for 5 minutes.

- Set an alarm for 7A.M. tomorrow.

- Wake me up tomorrow at 7A.M.

*** 전치사 주의: 7시 알람을 맞춰줘라고 할 때for, 7시에 깨워줘라고 할 때는 at


- Take a selfie.

- What's the fifteen percent of 80 dollars?

- Convert 10 inches to centimeters.

- Convert 20 miles to kilometers.

- Call 119.


selfie 셀카


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]

A: I am so hooked on the song “Stairway to Heaven”
B: Isn’t that a classic from back in the day by Led Zeppelin?
A: Ooooh~ You even know the songs that were released in 1971. You really have a great taste in music.
B: Actually I don’t know Led Zeppelin, but I know the song is well-known.
A: Back in the 70’s the group was going on a tour in Asia and almost had the chance to perform in Korea!
B: Really? Wow! That could have been a blast! How come it got cancelled, though?
A: Back in those days, the Korean government even had their hands on people’s hair. Led Zepplin couldn’t perform in Korea due to the group members’ long hair.
B: That’s messed up. I guess we have it pretty easy.
A: Hmm… You think so? True, now the government doesn’t care about our hair but without us knowing, they can easily get access to our cell phone.
B: That’s right! I totally forgot they are related. I guess, it runs in the family.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

be hooked on ~에 빠져있다, 중독되어 있다

- I'm hooked on web comics.

- I'm hooked on online game.


classic 최고의, 고전적인, 명작 (책, 영화, 음악 등)

- The novel may become a mordern classic.

- The radio station plays mainly classic pop.


back in the day 예전에, 과거에

- Back in the day, I had no worries.

- Everything was great back in the day.


be released in 언제 발표되다, 공개되다, 개봉하다

- That movie was released in 1998.

- His first novel will be released next year.


have a taste in ~에 흥미가 있다, 조예가 깊다

- taste 맛, 취향, 기호

- He has a great taste in fashion

- You have a bad taste in men.


well-known 잘 알려진

- It is well known that time is gold.

- Soybeans are well known as very nutritious food.


could have been ~를 할 뻔하다

- It could have been worse than you think.

- My grade could have been much better.


blast 폭발, 아주 신나는 일

- The party was a blast.

- I had a blast.


how come (why) 왜, 어째서

- How come he got promoted?

- How come there are so many people in the city hall?


though 비록 ~지만, 그러나

- I love singing. I am not a good singer, though.

- They are maiired. They don't love each other, though.


back in those days 그 당시에는, 그 시기에는

- Back in those days, everything was cheaper.

- Back in those days, He was a heavy smoker and drinker.


have one's hands on ~을 단속하다, 참견하다

- My mom has her hands on my eating habits.

- My father has his hands on his daughter's wedding.


due to (because of) ~ 때문에

- due to 조금 더 formal 한 느낌, because of 조금 더 casual 한 느낌

- The flight is delayed due to bad weather.

- He left his job due to his boss.


That's messed up! 완전 엉망이야, 정말 말도 안돼!

- I'am so messed up. 나 지금 멘붕이야.

- I don't want to mess up this time.


have it easy 편안하게 지내다

- Hey, you look nice. I guess you have it easy these days.

- Most students don't have it easy in Korea.


care about ~을 신경쓰다

- She cares so much about her daughter.

- He doesn't care about what others think.


without us knowing 우리가 모른채로

- without me know it 혹은 without my knowing 이 문법적으로 맞으나 구어체에서는 위처럼 자주 씀

- He recorded my words without me knowing.

- Without her neighbor knowing, she left town.


get(have) access to ~에 접근하다

- She easily got access to secure documets.

- I am trying to get access to that site.


be related 연관되어 있다

- These two incidents are closely related.

- The salary is related to the ability.


runs in the family 집안 내력이다, 유전이다

- Cancer tends to run in the family.

- Character doesn't run in the family.






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