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 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]


지폐를 동전으로 바꾸는 표현을 알려주세요.


*** 동전 종류

- penny 1센트, nickel 5센트, dim10센트, quater 25센트


*** 지폐 종류

- 1달러, 5달러, 10달러, 20달러, 50달러, 100달러



- Could I have this in (수량 / 원하는 화폐 단위)

- Could I have this in one ten?

- Could I have this in five tens?

- Could I have this in one twenty three tens?

- Could I have the change in one twenty and the rest tens? 



haggle 흥정하다


- Could you give me a discount?

- That's a bit more than I expect.

- Could you come down a little more?

- I will take it for ten dollers.



 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]


A: I heard you went to Sok-cho last weekend. So, did you catch any pokemon?
B: What pokemon? Is that still a fad?
A: Hey, I will be so excited to catch even one pokemon since I've never seen one before.
B: It’s called Augmented Reality. It has a huge potential to develop.
A: Augmented Reality? What’s that? Is it like Virtual Reality?
B: Virtual Reality shows a digitally-created world like in online games, whereas Augmented Reality shows a supplemented environment over the real world through smartphones or other glasses such as Google’s.
A: Ah.. Are you talking about something similar to the people in some sci-fi movies who wear glasses to see other people’s private information or location? Sounds awesome!
B: Not necessarily. You should be concerned that the streets could be full of junk ads once everyone wears those glasses.
A: Yeah.. Like most websites are covered with ads these days.
B: Augmented Reality in our everyday lives will happen in the not-too-distant future.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]


fad (일시적) 유행

- trend (긴) 유행

- That's fad words.

- Miniskirts were the fad a few years ago.


I will be so excited to ~하면 정말 신날거야

- I will be so excited to go on a vacation abroad.

- You will be so excited to play the baseball with me.


Augmented Reality 증강현실

- Virtual Reality 가상현실


have a potential to ~할 잠재력이 있다. 

- He has a potential to be a great singer.

- You have a huge potential to lead the project.


supplemented 보완된, 보충된

- dietary supplement 보충제


talk about something similar to(with) ~와 비슷한 것을 말하다.

- Are you talking about something similar to pizza?

- I am talking about something similar to pencil.


sci-fi movie (science fiction) SF영화

- It looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie.

- I like watching a sci-fi movie.


not necessarily 꼭 그렇지만은 않아

- Learned men are not necessarily wise.

- The rich are not necessarily happy.


once 일단 ~하면

- Some teenagers believe that they will be free once they become adults.

- Once you take the cource, you will master swiming.


be covered with ~로 뒤덮여 있다.

- Mount Everest is always covered with snow.

- His shoes were covered with dust.


in the not-too-distant future 멀지 않은 미래에

- in the not-so-distant future (in the near future)

- Driverless cars will become a reality in the not-too-distant future.


in the distant past 아득한 과거에

- Beepers are in the distant past






포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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