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 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]


숫자로 반올림, 버림을 표현을 어떻게 해야할까요? 



- We round the numbers to the nearest hundred. 100이하는 반올림하다.

- We round off to whole number. 소숫점 이하는 반올림하다.

- We round off to the nearest tenth. 소숫점 둘째자리에서 반올림하다.


- We round off to the nearest hundredth. 소숫점 셋째자리에서 반올림하다.


Round up[down] 반올림[내림]하다


three point one four 3.14

point o two 0.02


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]


A: Hey, I went to this newly-opened Italian restaurant downtown, and their pizza was amazing. You should go try it!
B: Oh yeah? Who did you go with?
A: By myself..? Why?
B: How can you do that? I can never eat alone at restaurants.
A: Hmm. That’s because you don’t know the joy of solo dining yet.
B: I understand you sometimes need your own time, but I still prefer eating with others. You can’t eat alone at certain types of restaurants.
A: Why not? I’ve solo-dined at every possible place from convenience stores to barbeque restaurants.
B: That’s admirable. What about bars for social gatherings?
A: I’m actually going to an izakaya tonight. It’s the highest level according to the lone diner guide.
B: Wow, you deserve the title of “solo dining expert”.

[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]


newly-opened 새로 오픈한

- Have you been to the newly-opened mall?


- You should go watch it!

- You should go buy it!



- Who did you talk to?

- Who do you live with? 



- I can never talk to stranger.

- I can never ride a roller coaster. 



the joy of solo dining 혼밥의 기쁨

dining alone (eating alone) 혼자 식사하기


prefere A to B B보다 A가 좋다

- I prefer dogs to cats.

- I prefer staying home to traveling around.



certain types of 특정한 타입의

- I am allergic to certain types of nuts.


admirable 감탄스러운, 존경스러운

- The way she manages her company is admirable.

- It is admirable that he did such a great work by himself.


social gatherings 친목 모임

- get together 서로 모이다


according to ~ 에 따르면

- According to weather forecast, it will snow heavily tonight.


lone diner guide 혼밥 가이드


deserve ~ 할만하다, 그럴 자격이 있다 (긍정, 부정 둘다)

- You deserve it.

- I don't deserve you.


expert (특정한 주제에 대해 지식이 많은) 전문가

professional (직업에 관련된) 전문가







포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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