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이번 방송은 새해 첫 방송이였는지, 새해 인사 표현을 알려주고 시작하네요~!

두 번째 인사 표현은 영어 메일로 한번 이용했네요~ 앞으로 자주 사용할 날이 왔음 좋겠네요!



Happy New year~!

I hope all your wishes come true.

I hope you have a great time ahead.



 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]


카페에서 일할 때 자연스럽게 쓰는 표현이 무엇이 있을까요? 



- What can I get for you?

- May I take your order?

- Are you ready to order? 


- We have too many orders before yours.

- It will take about 10 minutes.

- Would that be alright?



- Do you have any point card?


- The pager will ring when it's ready.

- Here's your order.

- Enjoy your meal. or Enjoy your drink.


- May I have menu please?

- I'd like a cheese pizza and a coke please.

- For here or to go?


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]


A: Hey, you look totally exhausted. You’ve got dark circles, too! Did you work late last night?
B: Are you kidding? Not just last night. I’ve been working late every single day for 2 months.
A: Bummer! Do you have any free time?
B: Not at all. I don’t even have time to see my family.
A: Sorry to hear that. There are many people who are in the same boat.
B: To be positive, though, I’m lucky to have work to do. It’s really depressing to see college graduates these days.
A: I agree. I heard Koreans work the second-longest hours among OECD countries. But ironically, the employment rate is really low. What non-sense!
B: That means only a small minority are raking in money.
A: Are there people who still expect a trickle-down effect?
B: After being fooled for decades? No way!

[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]


work late 야근하다

overwork 과로하다

be late for work 지각하다

- I was late for work I guess I will work late today.

- Why are you late for work? You didn't overwork.



Are you kidding? (no kidding) 농담마


every single day 여기서 single은 뒤에 명사를 강조

- every single episode

- She works out every single day.

- We are trying our best every single episode.


bummer 안됐구만, 쯧쯧, 아쉽구만

- That's a bummer.

- What a bummer.


not at all 전혀~

- Did you have fun at the year end party?

- No, not at all only two poeple showed up.


sorry to hear that 그것 참 안됐구만

- I broke up with my boyfriend.

- Sorry to hear that.


be in the same boat 마찬가지다, 같은 처지다

- We are all in the same boat for the time being.


It's depressing to do ~ 하자니 우울하다

- It's depressing to work late alone.


the second longest 두 번째로 긴


OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation Deverlopment) 경제 협력 개발기구


What non-sense 말도 안돼

- That doesn't make sense!

- No way!


small minority 극소수의 사람들


rake in money 돈을 긁어 모으다

- He is raking in money after starting his own business.

- Is there any good idea to rake in money?


trickle down effert 낙수효과

<-> fountain effect 분수효과


be fooled 속다, 당하다

- April fool 만우절 장난

- People were fooled by president.


for decades 수십년동안

- I've been living in this town for decades.

- I believe my blood type is A for decades.





포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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    여긴 스티커 없니...ㅋㅋㅋ

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It has been an eventful year with many difficulties.


 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]

외국인들이 길을 물을 때 어떻게 알려줘야 할까요?


지하철 타는법을 알려줄 때

- Get off at the next station.

- Get off after two stations at Sinsa station.

- Transfer at Sindang station and take line number six heading for Ungam.

- Then get off after five station at Itaewon station.


그 외

- You are going to the wrong direction.

- Go straight and you will find it on your left side.

- That's too far to walk from here. You may want to take a taxi.

- Could you tell me how to get the British museum?


get off 내리다

transfer 환승하다

heading for ~로 향하는


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]

A: Hey, have you ever heard of So-gil-daek before?
B: Isn’t that the nickname of superstar Lee Hyo-li, who lives on Jeju island? Why are you asking?
A: Well, Lee Hyo-li used to live in So-gil Li on Jeju Island, but she moved to a different town because too many tourists were visiting her place. She probably couldn’t stand it.
B: Oh really? I guess that’s what happens to celebrities.
A: But I think it isn’t a bad idea to go to Jeju for ordinary people who are seeking peace and quiet.
B: True, but I think Jeju island isn’t the right place to live anymore if you dream of a peaceful country life.
A: You’re right. I heard some people are coming back to their original homes after finding out what Jeju actually looks like these days.
B: You can see a lot of pictures of beautiful nature on Jeju Island being damaged by the large number of tourists.
A: The problem is not that tourists are visiting Jeju, but that the government is not managing it properly.
B: I hope public officials who focus on civil engineering business and profits can focus more on the public good.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

have you ever p.p ~ 해본적 있어?

- Have you ever heard of Sorasori before?

- Have you ever listened to Perfect25 before?


used to ~ 하곤 했다 (지금은 아니다)

- I used to play the violin when I was little.

- She used to work as a teacher.


stand 참다, 견디다

- I can't stand muggy weather.

- I won't stand for your rude behavior next time.


celebrity 유명인사

- Can you actually lead a normal life as such a celebrity?

- A new celebrity appeared on the Internet last year.


ordinary people 평범한 사람들

- They just look like ordinary people to me.

- She writes stories about ordinary people.


seek (look for) peace and quiet 평온을 찾다

- He is seeking peace and quiet after retirement.

- You have to look for peace and quiet for releasing stress.


the right place to ~하기에 딱 좋은 곳이다

- This is the right place to sell cakes.

- She is the right person to lead the project.


dream of ~을 꿈꾸다

- He dreams of wealthy life.

- She dreams of becoming a good mother.


find out 알아내다, (사실을) 알게되다

- It's easy to find out one's history online these days.

- The journalist found out what happened that day.


look like ~처럼 보이다, ~처럼 생기다

- What does he look like?

- He looks like his father.


a lot of (lots of) 많은

- many, hundreds of (수백의), thousands of (수천의), tons of (수톤의)


not A but B A가 아니라 B다

- Back in the day, I learned that was not a coup but a revolution.

- It's not that I like you but that I don't like the work.


properly 적절히

- The new director is managing his team properly.

- It should be treated properly.


public officials 공무원

civil engineering business 토목사업

public good 공익






포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~


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 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]

헬스장에서 외국인 친구에게 말걸고 싶은데 첫 마디는 어떻게 시작해야할까요?


- Hi, where are you from?

- How long have you been in Korea?

- How do you like living in Korea?

- Do you know how this treadmill works?


treadmill (running machine) 러닝머신, (미국 영어에서 주로 사용)


How do you like ~ 어때?

- How do you like your new job?

- How do you like your new boss?


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]

A: These days, there are so many poorly written articles. I really hate that!
B: I know! Another way to say that is junk articles.
A: Many articles are repetitive with slightly different titles. You can tell some reporters can’t think for themselves.
B: I wonder if they are even qualified for their job.
A: Do you remember the press conference with President Obama back in 2010?
B: It boggled my mind that no one stood up to throw any question at President Obama when they had a chance.
A: There were about five hundred local and foreign reporters, but not even one Korean reporter was able to come up with a question for President Obama.
B: Are they only good at committing  plagiarism?
A: Maybe they are not competent enough to ask questions.
B: I still blush in shame thinking about them.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

these days 요즘 

- nowadays 요즘 (문어체에서 주로 사용)

- These days, I'm busy with school.

- We are working on a new project these days.


another way to say that 다른말로 말하면

- Another way to say brothers and sisters is siblings.

- Another way to say that


you can tell ~라 말할 수 있다

- You can tell she is professional.

- You can tell Korea is on red alrert unfortunately.


I wonder if ~인지 아닌지 궁금하다

- I wonder if they are just friend. They might be dating.

- I wonder if this air purifier really works.


qualified 자격이 있는

- I think you are more than qualified for this job.

- I doubt if she is qualified as a manager.


back in (과거시점) back은 과거시점을 강조


boggle one's mind 깜짝 놀라게하다

- The twist at the end of the movie boggled my mind.

- The fact she controlled the president in the back boggled everyone's mind.


throw a question at ~에게 질문을 던지다

- The professor asked us to throw some questions at him.

- I don't remember who threw a question at me.


not even one 심지어 한명도

- Not even one person showed up to the party.

- Not even one person arrived at the satation on time.


be able to (can) ~ 할 수 있는

- (비교) be able to 조금 더 구체적인 이벤트를 계기로 할 수 있음을 의미, can 평소에 가능함을 의미

- After taking private lessons, I am able to play tennis now.

- I can play tennis.

- After listening Perfect25 podcast, I am able to speak in English.


come up with ~을 생각해내다, 떠올리다

- I've come up with a new idea.

- I'll come up with a plan for summer vacation.


commit ~을 저지르다.

- He commited a crime

- There are some terrorists who commit a suicide bombing all over the world.


competent 유능한, 능숙한

- He is very competent in his work.

- He couldn't get promoted as he wasn't competent enough.


competitive 경쟁이 있는, 경쟁력 있는

- We are living in a highly competitive society.

- That's the competitive price.


blush in shame 창피해서 얼굴이 빨개지다.

- enbarrassed 당황한, 곤란한

- shy (성격, 성향이) 수줍은 

- Don't be shy about telling me what you want.






포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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 ☞ 청취자 Q&A

[청취자 사연]

한국 화장실에는 재미난 문구가 많은데, 영어식 표현은 무엇이 있을까요?


일반적인 문구

- Keep it clean.

- If you drop it pick it up.

- You are not the only one using the toilet.


재미난 문구

- Boys, stand closer it might be shorter than you think.

- Ladies, please remain seated for the entire performance.

- If it runs out, just accept your fate and weep silently.


 ☞ Dialogue

[대화 주제]

A: Hey, have you ever watched Trump vs. O'Donnell on Youtube before?

B: Oh yes, the trash talk between them.

A: Rosie O'Donnell is known for her bad mouth.

B: Yes! But that's part of her job. However, can you believe Donald Trump?

A: Now, the whole country knows his limited words.

B: Trump even said, Rosie O'Donnell's disgusting, both inside and out. You take a look at her, she's a slob, she talks like a truck driver.

A: Well, Roosie O'Donnell didn't talk like a girl scout herself. Nevertheless, someone who is running for the next president of the United States mustn't talk like that.

B: He even mentioned that the USA should get rid of all immigrants.

A: That doesn't make any sense sinse the USA is built by them.

B: If he becomes a new president, I think the whole country will be on red alert.


[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

have you ever (p.p) ~ 한 적 있어?

- Have you ever listened to Psy's new song?

- Have you ever been to Japan?


trash talk 욕설

- All I heard was trash talk.

- That sounds like trash talk to me.


be known for ~로 잘 알려져있다, ~로 유명하다

- XSFM studio is known for its fantastic river view.

- Jangchung-dong is known for the pork foot.


limited words 부족한 어휘력

- limited edition 한정판

- This album is a historic limited edition.


disgusting 역겨운

- What a disgusting smell!

- The kitchen was in a disgusting state when she left.


slob 게으름뱅이

- Get out of bed, you fat slob!

- That man was a perfect slob.


girl scout (행실이 착한) 모범생 / nerd (공부만 하는) 따분한 사람, 얼간이

- Girl scout members serve the community every year.

- Studying on a Friday night. I'm such a nerd.


run for ~에 도전하다, ~에 출마하다

- run ~를 진행하다, ~를 운영하다

- People don't like the fact that he is running for the president.

- Captain K and Ludia are running the show.


immigrant 이민자

- immigration 출입국 관리소

- Every American is essentially an immigrant.


ged rid of (=clear out) ~을 추방시키다, ~을 제거하다

- This medicine will get rid of your headache.

- We have to get rid of the cultural stereotype.


make sense 말이되다, 논리가 되다

- It doesn't make any sense that you forgot your mom's birthday.

- It doesn't make any sense that the president disappear for seven hours.


on red alert 긴급사태, 비상사태

- Many foreign articles state that Koear is on red alert now.

- After his girl friend's phone call, he is on red alert.






포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



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 ☞ Pilot

[시험 방송]

Hello, Korea! Do you wanna play a game?
This game will take not much more than the time you spend spacing out every day.
Despite all of the advantages and opportunities that you were given in school learning English, you may have forgotten all your lessons again and again.
From today, we will see how much you are willing to break this habit of yours once and for all.
To be fluent or forgetful, make your choice.



[복습 / 표현 및 단어정리]

not (much) more than 정확히, 딱 그 정도, ~이상이 아닌

- No more than (at most) 와 같은 의미

We are not much more than friends.

- You are a kid really, not more than eighteen.


space out 멍때리다

space out competition 멍때리기 대회

- I spaced out during the meeting so I missed what the director said.

- I was so tired that I began to space out.


despite all of 모든 ~에도 불구하고,

- Despite all of her effort, she couldn't pass the exam.

- Despite all of the fact, they don't stop lying to people.


be willing to 기꺼이 ~하다

- I'm willing to work in a diffrent country, If I have a chance.

- I'm willing to give you a chanve, If you can show me your talent. 


once and for all (=finally and completely) 마지막으로 한번 더

- I have to decide once and for all whether I want to stay in this neighborhood.

- You have to review the report once and for all before sending an email to customers.


forgetful 잘 잊어버리는, 건망증이 있는

- Whoa, I am so forgetful thesedays. Am I aging? 

- She has become very forgetful in recent years.





포스팅을 끝까지 읽어주셔서 감사합니다~!

유익한 내용이라고 생각하신다면,

"비타민" 같은 "공감" "댓글" 부탁드려요~



  1. unicorn 2017.01.23 14:50 신고

    Stop spacing out and stay focused on your work~~~!를 쓰려고... 스팸이 되었다....ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ